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Mike Musick

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My name is Mike Musick and I appreciate you taking the time to read my story. I began my career as an entrepreneur when I was a teenager selling bubble gum to friends at school. I’ve always liked the idea of being my own boss and I loved the challenge of finding a way to earn spending money. When I was fifteen years old, I won a black Labrador pup in a raffle at a DU banquet and I named him “Prince”. I was also given a dog training book “Game Dog” at the time I won the pup and I studied the book and did everything just as the author suggested when I was supposed to do it with my pup. After that experience, I learned that I loved raising and training Labs and I began dreaming about becoming a “pro trainer” one day. I wasn’t financially able to pursue that dream until I was in my late 20’s.

In 1999, after working in the auto auction business in Florida, I moved back home to South Dakota to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time pro dog trainer. I started up a training and boarding kennel business named SoDak Gundog Kennels and have been breeding Hunting Labradors and training All Sporting Breeds for 23 years.    I have enjoyed working from home, being outdoors, and watching the dogs develop into great hunting companions.   I’ve met a lot of interesting and amazing pet owners along the way.  Shortly after beginning this journey, I realized that not only was I finding great pleasure in training the dogs, but I loved meeting their owners and helping them learn how to train, and take better care of their dogs. This has been very rewarding and satisfying to me knowing that I am helping people learn to handle and care for their dogs. Since I have learned how unsafe and, in some cases, even toxic many dog foods are I have become passionate about helping pets and pet owners discover Life’s Abundance foods, supplements, and treats so their dogs can live healthier and longer lives. I would also like you to consider the financial opportunity with Life’s Abundance so that you and your pets can Be Well and Live Free.  

I have fed many different brands of dog foods over the years and have been searching for “the best dry dog food”. After having too many problems with a major commercial brand in the market this past summer and then learning how dangerous many foods are due to all the artificial preservatives and fillers, I began my search for a healthier, and safer food.  In my search, I discovered Life’s Abundance after meeting my sponsor Valerie Anderson at a pet breeders association expo and I decided to give it a trial run on my dogs months later after becoming frustrated from dealing with excessive shedding, inconsistent stools, and seeing poor body conditions. After feeding the Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dog food for just three weeks I began to notice that my dogs weren’t shedding and their coats were shiny. After a few months I was noticing the new food was solving all of those problems that I was having before and it was proven that Life’s Abundance foods are fresher, safer, and more nutritious.  

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“I’ve found a great way to help pets and make money from home.”

Mike Musick
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